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100% effort VS 1% talent


I'm back with my Dracula teeth 😅🤣


I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction 😲



Kitte cute hain yeh dono!!!


Kide kide nl hoyi eh klol😂😂🙏🏻


පවුල් අවුල් 😂🙏🏽 හැමගෙදරම මෙහෙමද ??


Thats all I really wanna do😛#zoommyface



Funny expression of a baby eating lemon#baby



😆 so cute! Hahah


How to avoid an accident by skills,till the end 😂😂😂#tiktokfun




This is my day! Are u happy today?#fouyou


That’s crazy 😱😱 send to 5 acquaintance



🤣😂so funny#fy


🤣😂so funny#fy


Gary stop playin’ wit me! 😂🍑


Who do you believe?


Odpowiedz użytk. @sexiarka_wydymiarka Jak ja lubię takie komentarze😜😂😂😂#dc





Girls eyelashes fall off during video 😳 @iamchyng



with @beautyandthenailsgent




Send this to a friend who needs to hear it!


Cam tries 🍋


I always find them 👅


Ja ja


Kolesa zastavili 🚓🤣 dej like pro další part.





with @closetfoodie_lv



what's your thoughts on the new music?


She's well fed, I promise you. She's just a foodie 😋





They really said copy and paste


Repost cause I needed this today 😂😂


valid or nahhh?🥵🥵#fire



It startled me to go out suddenly.




What in the actual duck-


I have fun doing my pranks


@whatsupsevie @spxd.jeremy


Road to 2k Boys ?#memegod





I $#!T by myseeellff w/@zimixanimates FOLLOW MEE ON MY PAGE AND IG FOR MORE



Funny TV show scene


Fortnite with Minecraft sounds! 😂⛏🥲


She been on b.s 🤣🤣



iPhone front camera be the worst 😂😭




Which is the most sus?!


The new fast and furious


Kit trying to get a Static to dance with him inspired by @curlyfuq


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sans commentaires 😂🍻🤷🏼‍♀️ @sanncho.c



I would be scared if Kit became God 


cat: oh my gosh let me out 🤣#dog The original [email protected]




Can yours do that?😡😛🥺🤪#pet


Reply to @itzlil2011 😂😂😂


He really did the 🦗🦟#happydog



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Dog: I’m not a person, but you’re really a dog Original [email protected]_zimmerman


Doggy: Time to kill. Original [email protected]





New testing


Sooo cute 🥰#dog


Kit is soo needy when he’s going to sleep



we all have a friend who can do it🤣😂


When your order is late…




I didn’t mean literally


Which 🐶 made you laugh 😂. The original is @hyfilm


Who is your best friend?#dog The original is @goldensun39 🥰🥰 🥰


There is kindness in you!My mom said I can make friend with you.#dog the original [email protected]


So cute🥰#dogsoftiktok



Harvey Price in Taken with Liam Neeson 👀


I can’t stop watching this 🤣🤣#greenscreenvideo


Wie man Deutschland mit nur einem Salat kurz erklären kann😂




Version 2 😂


I’m alive but I’m dead 🤣.#dog The original is @yeiduran95


OMG she maybe need a husband 😂#dog The original is @shanayawiks


Time to open up an only paws 🐾 account🤣#doglover



This naughty kid, I want to kill him🤣🤣🤣#meow


The doggy is really a virtuous baby.#dog The original is @funnypet520


Funny doggies! Wee.#dog The original is @man_crypto84


That’s jealous 🥺.#dog The original is @naiiill



🐶:I have no choice.#dog The original is @kristens.pups



you look sad :(


Does your dog act like this?#dog The original is @moo_ribbit_duck


My manager is going to be quite mad


got my hopes up for nothing 😐


Family is stronger 💪🏽 





She said that she will drive today ... 😬#fyp




When grandparents ask you to turn up the volume on the computer.



🤣🤣😂 follow for more


Reply to @faultsux Ok this the last time I’m posting this video lol


Best wrestler of this year😹😹😹#cat




Tag your person ❤️


he'll nawllll


mask kanda part 2






Was sagt ihr?




Real ones tucked it in the waistband










Pup: I need to bite something!(credit:@jabenzimda)#dog



It’s time to get up#animals





putcha hawig ko naaa


ở đây mang tiếng cười🤣🤣#fypシ


Mongji loves alcohol 😂







Much respect to that NPC





The glare 🤣🤣 Apparently there was hang time in the air 😂




وش يقول شاعرك المفضل؟.









Laj Kina BaBa😂😂🥱Mention your Friends 😝😂.




Hashtag ami lagi ami lagi! 😄


Welche Caption fällt euch noch ein😂#fürdich


Send this to someone and say nothing 😂 only the 90‘s Kids know this one haha


Reply to @canyonmoon10


they wouldn’t touch😫


round 4 with a nympho 😂😂#nigeriancomedy





Wee 😂#viral


I agree 😂😂#memes


Itsvery important to get your Colon screening.HOWEVER: leave your significant other at home if he’s like mine


It’s the wine for me. 🍷





I started creating comics and of Hope U ❤️ ‚em!




part 4 coming out !🗣y’all better blow this up 😂😂😂






Had a bad day 🤣🤭


Poof there it is 💨double POV



When your opponent is your "Bestie"🤗❤


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Calling teachers by their real names!





Throwback 2018:)



The cereal box...



Mga pinoy kapag may lindol. 😅


Save for when your sad:)


Save for when your sad:)



ooo you freaky bih😂😂😂#fypツ





Wenn du als Ungeimpfter auf keine Party mehr gehen darfst.... 🙏😂#impfpflicht


Dog was like:WTF.🤣🤣






Joseph.... keep calm...


Joseph.... keep calm...






Répondre à @chocolatine_12






This is too funny!



Der Typ hat einfach mal Eier aus Stahl!!!😂😂😂


🤣🤣🤣 UK vs USA!



I almost died😂😂#WalmartFirstDayOutfit



Harmonica make jump scares more fun!




Sus Pizza Hunter


The ending had my crying😂


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Las mamás colombianas 😂😂😂 Fail total


Lmao 🤣@thenewclassic



Wi süß 🥰


About to get a crazy leg pump 🤣







with @newsofcardib


I found my Grandma


What?.... in the World....??


Please..I gotta do this😭😂❤️🌼#itzy


Oo ja jee sooo 😂😂 prank#fart 😂#gpsmzz


with @blaqthundermw1


hahahha linis ako 😅😂


Level of satisfaction is 110%#funny @walkerhub_ @memehub.3456



Congratulations to una May una breast Dey stand 😂🤣😂#foryoupage




Not to brag


Do you really wanna know


Date me?


All I’m saying






Always mind your business



Yall know what he did... Write in Comments


oops .. tag someone who would do this


I miss high school man😔#viral


How do you feel tho?








No Dangerous Acts, everything is Safe


Best dialogue evers


When you hear yourself on playback 😂Can you relate?


drop the beat!#petsoftiktok


What do i do




Best reaction


Mario Kart 🐢🤣@jayprehistoricpets





We all been there





Markiert 🤣#fy






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@ your bestfreind😂#foryoupage


Ist sie nicht süß?



Busted 😂


Please, someone help them 😭🤣


Your Kits best friend now



Típico de mi☺️


😭😭 “ice cream 👁👄👁🍦”



10 minutes to pug someone else


What the fuu


with @Lachyz



Omg these dogs are so smart 😯😂😂😂


if this blows up somthing wrong with TikTok







Me checking my bank account: 😂 (and yes I spent 2 days making this…)





Wer kommt mit zur hölle😂#werlachtkommtindiehöllle


The thing still dey shock me 😂😂😂😂#tiktokghana🇬🇭 bye 👋 🌈🌈🌈




Static and Kit are not good babysitters







@adoptme_suchtie5 antworten ich hoffe ich konnte alle Fragen beantworten🥰#influencerpigs♡








Well now we know who will survive the squid games


This is so true


Just indian things


Just indian things


See u in hell!!!#pain